Millions of people have already discovered for themselves how amazing the halogen oven really is.


Although this incredible appliance was first featured on a television shopping channel it is now available in thousands of retail outlets and online stores. The reviews that these products have received really speak volumes to their convenience, efficiency and value.

The main purpose of this site is to get you acquainted with how these powerful, compact, portable ovens operate. It also aims to show you the unique features and benefits of the appliance. Read on to discover why halogen ovens have become so popular.

How Does a Halogen Oven Work?

When most people hear the word halogen they think of a light bulb. Halogen ovens do in fact use a light bulb as a heating element. However, it isn’t just any ordinary halogen bulb. The bulbs used to cook your foods to perfection are actually high powered crystal halogen bulbs. These bulbs produce intense infrared heat waves capable of cooking your meals quickly and easily.

Heating the oven is just one part of the process though. These ovens also use a powerful convection fan to help circulate the heat. This fan forces hot air around all the food contained within a large glass bowl. This is what allows you food to cook quickly and evenly. This fan is also what powers a hands free cleaning mode available in most ovens.

Continue reading below to find out why this over is far better than a conventional oven.

Multiple Cooking Methods

The best part about using a halogen cooker is that you can cook food in many different ways. With a halogen oven you can easily roast, fry, boil, bake, grill and steam your favorite foods with ease. You can even toast bread. Your options are really endless.

These ovens are actually more versatile than a conventional oven. They can also perform many of the same functions of a stove top range. Not only that but they can even clean themselves. A self cleaning function will effortlessly clean your oven for you while you enjoy your delicious meal. It just doesn’t get any easier.

Save Time and Money

Using a halogen oven will not only save you a lot of time but a lot of money as well. For most meals you can actually cut your cooking time in half. These ovens begin to cook your food immediately without requiring any preheating. The bulb provides a much more focused, intense heat than a conventional oven. The high powered fan forces the heat into your food which allows it to cook much more quickly.

The only thing that’s better than saving time is saving money. These ovens use much less power than a traditional oven. In fact they use up to 75% less power. Combined with cooking times that are twice as fast you will certainly be saving money on your electricity bill every month. It can also save you money on cooling costs as it won’t heat up your home like a conventional oven would.

These little ovens are also great for anyone looking to go green and reduce their carbon foot print. Less power consumption means less harmful carbon emissions in the environment. This is something that anyone who cares about the environment can really feel good about.

Cook Delicious, Healthy Meals

When you cook with one of these appliances you won’t need to add any extra oils or fat. This means you can easily prepare delicious, healthy meals for the entire family. The versatility of these appliances allows you to cook in any way you’d like. This means you can easily prepare a wide variety of healthy meals. You can eat healthier and you’ll never be stuck making the same old thing.

Take the Stress out of Cooking

Using a halogen oven can truly make cooking fun again. The unique design allows you to view your food through the glass bowl during the entire cooking process. A quick glance and you’ll know that your food is being cooked to perfection and not burnt to a crisp. This makes the entire process much less stressful.

From start to finish you’ll find that preparing each meal is quick and easy. Simply add your food to the glass bowl, throw on the top, press a button and your food will be done in no time at all. Once your food is done simply add soap and water to the bowl and activate the cleaning cycle. It’s so easy you’ll want to use it for every meal.

Halogen Oven Features

  • Powerful Infrared Halogen Light-Wave Technology that Cooks Food Quickly and Evenly
  • Instant Heat with No Preheating Necessary
  • Cooking Times 2-5x Faster than a Traditional Oven
  • Healthy Cooking with No Additional Oils and Fats Required
  • Large Tempered Glass Bowl which Allows You to Watch Your Food Cook
  • Energy Efficient Design that Uses up to 75% Less Power
  • Easy Cleanup with a Self Cleaning Mode

How Long Does a Halogen Bulb Last?

The bulbs found in a halogen oven are much more durable than a traditional bulb. Depending on use you can definitely expect a bulb to last several years. Most ovens include a manufacturer’s warranty which covers bulb replacement in the unlikely event of failure. Replacement bulbs are generally available from the manufacturer and can be quite easy to replace.

Who Offers the Best Prices?

By far the best place to shop for a halogen oven online is Amazon. They offer low prices and a great selection that you just can’t find anywhere else. They also have loads of customer reviews from real people. Keep in mind that it is possible for items to go out of stock, especially when they’re highly rated.

How Much Will a Halogen Oven Cost?

You can expect a quality oven to run from £30 up to £100 or more. The prices generally vary based on the size of the oven, the features and the accessories included. You can expect to pay less for a 7 litre oven than you would for a 12 litre oven from the same manufacturer.

When comparing prices it’s important to consider what’s included. Accessories might include things like tongs, grills, skewers and recipe books. Some ovens also include an extender ring which can increase your cooking capacity.