Andrew James Halogen Oven

andrew james side viewNew Andrew James 12 LTR Premium Halogen Oven

+ 128 page Recipe Book
+ £50 Free Accessories
+ Easy Fit Replacement Bulb
+ 2 years Warranty



This is the new updated version of the best selling Andrew James Premium halogen oven. We got our hands on this new halogen oven to test and review it as soon as it was released by Andrew James. The product exceeded my expectations and the package of extras that Andrew James provide with this product are amazing value for money. This oven offers all the great cooking features you would expect from a high quality halogen oven such as the ability to cook 3-5x faster than a conventional oven, retention of nutrients and flavours during cooking, deep, even cooking of many foods without the need to use unhealthy fats or oils.

12L Andrew James Premium Halogen Oven Main Features

  • Safe 12 litre Tempered glass bowl
  • Heats up quickly – no pre heating time
  • Light wave halogen Technology gives deep even cooking with browning ability
  • Cooks up to 5 times faster compared to a conventional oven
  • Cooks without unhealthy fats or oils which reduces cholesterol and fat intake
  • Low electricity usage – save money on your electricity bill
  • Thoroughly thaws out frozen food fast – cook food from frozen
  • Built in self clean washing function
  • Easy to operation with precise timer and temperature controls
  • £50 worth of free cooking accessories
  • Free 128 page Halogen Oven Recipes book by Norma Miller
  • Versatile 5 cooking functions – Grills, Roasts, Fry’s, Bakes and Steams
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Replacement bulb: This oven comes with a FREE easy to fit replacement halogen bulb

Andrew James Premium Halogen Oven Overview / Review

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We have researched and reviewed many halogen ovens that are on the market but can not find any better than this Andrew James premium model. This is a fantastic halogen oven that comes with many great free extras such as an easy to fit replacement halogen bulb. Many people have trouble finding a replacement bulb for their halogen oven as they are not so easy to find in shops or online. Andrew James has eliminated this common problem by providing a free extra bulb with this model and making spares easily available.accessories

The Andrew James oven comes with a bulb already fitted and an extra one in the box, just in case the bulb blows any time in the future. I should just add that these halogen bulbs are very durable and last a long time. We have been using this Andrew James halogen oven almost every day for months now and the original bulb still works just fine. Should the bulb blow I have a spare and Andrew James have made the bulbs super easy to replace. All you need to do is remove 3 screws, unplug the old bulb then plug the new one in – super simple. And to make things even better, replacement bulbs for this oven are also sold on or direct from Andrew James for as little as £10.

At the moment there is no other halogen oven manufacturer on the market that offers a free easy fit replacement bulb.

Another great bonus when buying this new Andrew James halogen oven is that they have extended the warranty to 2 years. Most other halogen ovens on the market only come with a 1 year warranty but Andrew James are so confident in the quality of their halogen oven that they doubled it, providing customers with a whole 2 years peace of mind. Again, this is another free addition that makes the Andrew James halogen oven superior to the competition.

This Andrew James oven comes with £50 worth of free cooking accessories and a free 128 page recipe book so you can get started using the halogen oven right out of the box. The cooking accessories that come with this oven include baking and steaming trays, high/low cooking racks, set of tongs, skewers, extender ring and lid stand.halogen oven lid

This is a large 12 Litre oven that comes with an extender ring which increases the capacity to 17 Litre. To be honest the original 12L size of this oven has been fine for me so far and I have not needed to use the extender ring. It’s a good accessory to have though just in case I need more room for cooking.

The glass bowl can be removed from the plastic base making it portable around the kitchen or you can take the bowl from the kitchen straight to the dinning table, great for serving beef stew. The self cleaning feature of the oven is very effective. However, if you leave grease to build up and harden inside the oven bowl the self cleaning system does not clean every spot, but that’s not a problem. Because the bowl can be lifted out of the plastic base it can be placed in a dish washer if you have one or simply wash quickly and easily in the sink. This halogen oven is so easy to keep clean compared to a conventional oven.

This halogen oven is super simple to operate with adjustable temperature, timer and defrost settings. The top of the halogen oven has a lock tight lid which automatically turns the oven off when opened. The lid also has a handy stand for stability when open.

So what’s the free cookbook like? It’s a comprehensive new recipe book that shows you how to cook all the traditional favourite meals in the halogen oven with easy to follow instructions and pictures. The book is 128 pages of recipes, guidance and halogen oven information written by Norma Miller. It covers many favourite, contemporary and great tasting healthy recipes that will impress friends and family.

Andrew James Premium Halogen Oven Conclusion, Ratings and Reviews

I absolutely love this halogen oven and I no longer use my old electric oven. In fact, since getting this Andrew James halogen oven I have not used my electric oven. It cooks so much faster and cleaning this halogen oven is so easy. There’s just no need for me to ever use my electric oven again. Don’t just take my word for it though; take a look at some of the positive customer reviews about this Andrew James Halogen Oven below.

At the time of writing this Andrew James oven has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. 302 customers at rate this oven 5 out of 5 stars.

With this new Andrew James 12 LTR Premium Halogen Oven package, you’re ready to start cooking right out the box and with the current online discount price of 50% off and freebies, you’re getting an unbeatable deal. This truly is an outstanding cooking appliance that is backed by hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers and I personally recommend this product above all other halogen ovens.

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  • Dimensions: Width 40cm, Height 33cm