Black Halogen Oven

black halogen ovenAndrew James Halogen Oven Black


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Gino D’Acampo black Halogen Oven

Said by its user to be the ultimate kitchen cooking appliance – The Halogen oven from Ultimate Products is an all in one cooking appliance that boast multiple cooking capabilities such as being able to Roast, bake, boil, grill, fry, brown, stew, toast, steam, re heat plus more… now there’s not many cooking appliances that can claim the ability to do all these things.

The halogen oven is an innovation in cooking appliance design, capable of cooking food up to 3 times faster than a regular oven. It does so by using intense heat in the form of Infrared waves & the combination of a powerful heat circulating fan. This model has all the fantastic halogen oven benefits such as up to 80% saved on electricity & reduces unhealthy cooking fat by up to 60%.

The appliance will cook for all the way through, locking in succulent flavours & can brown food for people who like that crisp outside or top. Most halogen ovens on the market are manufactured in a while colour but this a durable, stylish black model which will suit the other appliance or style of your kitchen.

Include with this halogen oven is a Gino D’acampo recipe book with exciting & delicious Italian recipes, impress friends & family with your new halogen oven cooking skills.

  • Multiple cooking capabilities
  • Faster cooking with less electricity
  • Rated by TV Chef  Gino D’acampo
  • Comes in smart attractive gift box
  • 12 litre cooking capacity with additional 7 litre extension ring
  • All the great halogen oven features & benefits
  • Rare stylish black design
  • Lid extension included
  • Wire shelving included
  • Tongs included
  • Halogen lid stand included

Customer review:

This oven works extremely well but I don’t think it’s 3 times faster as claimed – though it is faster at cooking. You don’t need to wait on the oven pre heating which saves a good bit of time, we all know how much of a pain it can be waiting on the oven to heat up before we can put the food in.

Food comes out the oven thoroughly cooking, super tender & nice a browned on the outside.

I used it to bake some bread which turned out well, made cheese on toast, roasted chicken, shepherds pie & even tried the steam cooking feature, everything cooking superb!

I use my black halogen oven every day & it’s never let me down, in fact I don’t even use my regular electric oven or hob any more as this appliance does everything & better.