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This halogen oven has been manufactured by Coopers of Stortford. Coopers are a family owned business who have retained tradition by running the company from the heart of Bishop’s Stortford, a beautiful market town with lots of history.

They introduced this revolutionary oven to their already impressive & much loved range of quality products. This oven uses the powerful Infra Red technology coupled with a high powered fan to circulate heat around the oven, the end result is perfectly cooked food ready to each 60% faster than a regular electric oven.

Don’t be mistaken onto thinking that this halogen oven cooks like a microwave. Cooking quality results are the same as that found when cooking in conventional electric or gas ovens. A whole chicken for example cooked in the Coopers halogen oven will be even cooked all the way through & browned in around 35 minutes while using half the electricity of a conventional oven. Multiple peaces of food can be cooked at the same time, locking in flavour & saving you time. You can add potato’s while cooking you chicken in the halogen oven for example & because there’s no need for additional cooking oils the end result is delicious, healthy, crispy roast potatoes!

As with many of the more expensive halogen ovens on the market this model boast the same self cleaning features & multiple cooking capabilities such as baking, roasting, grilling, toasting, defrosting, boiling, reheating, frying & steaming. No need for unhealthy cooking fat with this ovenm ether & fats from within the food themselves are drained away making this Coopers halogen oven the healthiest cooking appliance in your kitchen.

This Coopers model comes complete with 2 racks so you are able to cook a whole meal at once. It also have a built in safety switch, cooking timer & the already mention self cleaning system.

Break down of the main features:

  • Infra Red heat technology combined with powerful fan
  • Food is cooked up to 60% faster compared to conventional electric oven cooking
  • Healthier cooking without fats or oil
  • Twin cooking ranks for cooking complete meals
  • Full 1 year warranty

What do others have to say about this Coopers Halogen Oven?

I have been debating about buying a halogen oven appliance for a few weeks now but I decided to take the plunge & get one. I jut used it for the first time tonight & a more than impressed, in fact its brilliant!
I love the way you can watch the food cooking so clearly & take it out just when you see it cooked the way you like. I can’t see me every using my old oven again & for anyone who’s thinking about buying on of these I highly recommend you do. I was on the fence for weeks but I’m glad a got this coopers oven, just wish I bough one years ago.