Gold-Tec Halogen Cooker

gold tecGold-Tec Halogen Oven & £50 of ACCESSORIES


Why buy the GOLD-TEC Halogen Oven?

This is the super reliable, labour, time & money saving oven from GOLD-TEC. This cooking device uses much less energy than conventional electric ovens and is much easier to clean too with its built in cleaning system that’s seen in most halogen ovens. It comes with 1400 watts of power and cooks food to perfection up to 60% faster than your regular oven, plus uses far less energy. Say goodbye to your old conventional oven & also a drop in your electricity bill.

The technology of Gold tec offers all the advantages of a halogen oven, but with the traditional flavour of a conventional electric or gas oven. You can roast a chicken or lamb, potatoes or pizza in the oven and roast in oven chips! Fry bacon, steamed fish, grilled sandwiches – it’s en extremely versatile cooking appliance. Unlike cooking in a pot, microwave or convention oven the halogen oven locks all the juices & flavour inside the glass coking bowl without any mess. This model has a 12 litre cooking bowl with an extender ring which increases the cooking capacity to a massive 17 litres. This 10 litre extension is larger than a casserole dish you would use to cook in a regular gas or electric oven.

The GOLD-TEC halogen oven also comes with some free extras including dual high ranks, 17 litre extender ring, lid holder, 10 slice toaster, frying pan, tong, skewers, steamer frying pan & even a halogen oven recipe book full of delicious healthy recipes all the family will enjoy. All these fantastic extras are included in the price so you’re not paying any more for these which would cost over £50 if you purchased separately. – You can’t go wrong with this oven package.

What comes in the box:

1x GOLD-TEC halogen oven
1x Halogen lid holder
1x Set of cooking tongs
1x 17Ltr extender ring
1x Dual hight rank
1x Set of skewers
1x Slice toast rack
1x Steamer
1x Frying pan
1x Halogen oven recipes book

Customer feedback / review…

I purchased this GOLD-TEC halogen oven to use in our caravan, I choose this model because of the extra cooking capacity & additional extras. Product was delivered quickly & every described was included. Recipe book was good but not as detailed as I would have liked. All in & very pleased with the cooker, I’ve now used it to cook multiple means & I now plan on buying one for me home too.


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