Halogen oven accessories

So you’ve got your brand new Halogen oven & you’re enjoying cooking with the appliance. Cooking meals are now so much quicker, they are also more healthy, food is delicious & cooked to perfection but most importantly your friends & family are impressed with the tasty meals you serve.

In case you did not know there are a whole bunch of halogen oven accessories that are specially designed to be used with your halogen oven. If you want to get the most out of your new halogen oven it would be a good idea to invest a little into buying some of these accessories, they are very cheap & easily available to buy from online stores such as Amazon. I will give a quick run down of the most popular halogen oven accessories.

Baking and Steamer Trays

If you like baking then this is a essential accessory for your oven. It allows you to make thinks like cakes or bread much easer than you would be able to in a regular oven. The steamer try is also a great extra, it allows you to steam cook your food which is a super health way of cooking, locking all the vitamin & minerals in the food & at the same time eliminating the use of cooking fat or oil.

Bread toasting Rack

This is a great little addition to your halogen oven, it allows you to turn the appliance into a toaster. That’s right, no halogen oven accessoriesneed to use your toaster again. There are two main reasons as to why this accessory will make your halogen oven better than using you toaster. Firstly the toaster rack can hold up to 10 slices of bread which is idea if you are making launch for several people of you just need to make more slices of toast than your electric toaster can handle, it can be a real pain making several slices of toast at one time. Secondly with the bread being visible through the glass bowl you can make the toast just the way you like it, unlike a toaster where you can’t really see the bread being toasted.

Halogen Oven Lid Holder

You can pick this up for as little as £5 & it comes in really handy if you need to place the hot lid down on a surface. It hold the halogen lid safely & securely in a horizontal position.

Glass Bowl

The glass bowl is extremely durable & strong but we all have little accidents from time to time. If you were to knock the halogen lid off the kitchen work top for example & the glass cooking bowl were to smash it would render your halogen oven useless. Your only option would be to contact the oven manufacturer which could be costly & take some time. Fortunately this is not necessary as replacement bowls are easily available. Halogen ovens typically use 7, 10 & 12 litre bowls which makes it very easy to choose a replacement. Again these can be purchased from Amazon.

Skewers & Tongs for Halogen Oven

These are not essential but they are useful to have around. The tongs are great for lifting certain items of food from the halogen bowl & the skewers are great for making things like kebabs or BBQ type meals.

Halogen Oven Extender Ring

Now this is an accessory that I do highly recommend you invest in. It will increase to cook size capacity of your halogen oven, making a 12 litre bowl into a 17 litre space which is great for very large items you plan on cooking such as large chicken or turkey. Although the cooking space in a halogen oven is very good & can handle cooking a family sized chicken with other items, there may be times where you need to cook a large turkey such as Christmas or thanks giving.

All of the accessories mentioned above can be purchased separately or all together in a package. There are some manufacturers who offer all of these halogen oven accessories free when you buy the appliance, it’s worth taking your time to select a halogen oven that comes with all the free extras, our top recommended Andrew James halogen oven on this site comes with all the above mentioned accessories free with the appliance.