Halogen Oven Cooking Times

The cooking times that the halogen oven achieves are far quicker than that of a conventional electric oven. Cooking times vary slightly between appliances depending on power output & performance of the halogen oven. Generally cooking timesthough halogen oven cooking times are much the same between halogen oven appliances. We will give a general outline of these cooking times below but your new halogen oven will come complete with an instruction manual on how to use the appliance plus an easy to follow chart explaining all the cooking times & temperature settings.

A whole chicken weighing around 1.6kg is cooked in around 70 minutes at 200c from fresh. Normally you would expect to wait longer when cooking a chicken of that size in a regular oven but the halogen oven cooks food much faster. Things like bacon is cooked between 8 & 11 minutes. Oven chips from frozen can be done in 15 minutes. A chicken breast weighing 350g only takes around 20 minutes. Medium sized baked potato takes around 70 minutes.

As mentioned above these are just average generic halogen oven cooking times that can be used as a rough example. Your halogen oven  manufacturer should provide a detailed cooking times chart for you to follow that will give an accurate guide for the appliance you own. If you want the best possible performance & cooking times then avoid cheap models with low ratings & bad customer reviews, choose an oven that has good customer feed back to make sure you are buying a reputabe appliance such as the Andrew James oven.

Please refer to your instructions for accurate cooking times.