Halogen oven instructions

We often receive requests for replacement halogen oven instruction manuals from people who have ether lost their manual or did not receive one when they bought the appliance. Don’t be alarmed though, a missing instruction manual is very rare after purchasing a Halogen oven instructionshalogen oven, most often the email requests are for lost manuals.

Unfortunately we do not physically stock halogen oven instructions but we have found two online sources where you can download & view the manual online or simply print it off to read on paper. The online manuals are in the form of a PDF document & show instructions for use of the Cook shop & JML brand halogen oven.

Although these manuals may not suit the brand of oven you own, they may hold some useful information you require as halogen ovens work in much the same way between brands. However for things like cooking times & temperature settings you will need to contact your halogen oven manufacturer. Cooking food at the incorrect temperature can not only result in burnt or under cooked food but can also be dangerous to your health.

If you have lost your halogen instructions & can’t find the information you are looking for in the PDF’s then you should be able to get replacement instructions by contacting your halogen oven manufacturer. You can find manufacturer contact details on you halogen oven box or you can search the brand name in Google to find their website. If you are still unsuccessful in finding a new manual then please send us an email through our contact form & we will do our best to find your halogen oven manufacturer contact details.

Here are some PDF halogen oven instructions:

JML halogen oven manual

Cook Shop halogen oven manual