Self cleaning System

Just imagine how good it would be if your greasy oven cleaned itself. Well if you own a halogen oven then you will know that this is not cleaning ovensomething to just imagine, but is a reality. Let’s face it, cleaning is not an enjoyable task, wouldn’t it be great to just relax after an nice meal & let the oven clean itself?

Well this is exactly what the halogen oven can do. As if all the incredible benefits that come with this oven weren’t enough, it has a self cleaning system too. If you have yet to discover all the benefits & features of this oven you can find a quick run down of the top 10 here – top 10 reasons to buy the halogen oven.

Here’s how the self cleaning system works:

The following steps are more or less the same between oven manufacturers. The oven should have a “self cleaning” or “wash” setting on the lid next to  temperature & timers controls.

Step 1: Remove any small chucks of food & pour out any left over oil or fat from the glass bowl.
Step 2: If you want to clean the oven soon after using the appliance, allow time for it to cool down.
Step 3: Pour around 2cm of cold water into the bowl & add a squirt of some washing up liquid. Now place the halogen lid on the bowl & select the “wash” or “Self clean” setting on the controls.
Step 4: Now it’s time to set the timer. Select a time between 10 to 15 minutes. If the glass bowl is very dirty then you may want to choose a longer time for a more thorough clean.

Turn the halogen oven on & let it run through the timer. The halogen oven bulb will heat the water inside & the powerful built in fan will swirl the water within the bowl, mixing the washing up liquid, quickly & efficiently cleaning the inside.

The halogen oven accessories such as toaster rack or grill can be left inside the oven during cleaning. The accessories will not be thoroughly cleaned though but being inside the oven during self cleaning will soften & loosen dirt, making hand cleaning fast & easy!

Step 5: Allow the halogen oven to cool down before handling.
Step 6: On some occasions there may be stubborn food deposits stuck to the inside of the bowl which can easily be removed. Check for any dirt deposits, remove & wiping dry.

Job done!

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