Sorry JML – We Can’t Recommend The JML Halogen Oven

As you know we are committed to brining you the best and most up to date information on halogen ovens. All the jml halogen ovenhalogen oven products that are recommended to buy on this site have been researched and reviewed to insure you have the best quality products at the best price.

We looked into adding the JML halogen oven to the site as it seems to be getting a lot of attention at the moment & the appliance is being sold in some high street shops.

Unfortunately we will not be recommending this product after the findings from our customer feedback research.

The JML oven has many negative reviews from people who have purchased the product. In fact the appliance scores a very low [rating: 2.5/5]

Obviously we cannot recommend a product with such as low buyer ratings.

Some of the complaints from people who have bought the oven:

Very hard to keep the lid clean
One customer of the JML halogen oven said he was quite happy with the product & it cooked food fine but in less than 10 months it had broken. The customer took a closer inspection of the appliance & found that part of the heating unit had completely rusted away. There has also been other reports of the same problem where a customer said that connections to the halogen bulb had disintegrated away which was causing sparking in the lid, this particular customer only had the oven for around one month.

People have also reported inconsistent cooking where the food was burnt on the outside & uncooked in the inside of some meats. The main problem seem the be that the appliance just does not seem to last. There are many report of the oven braking within a year.

I must add however that customers who contacted JML about the problem were offered a replacement & found their customer service to be very good. JML has a wide range of products on the market, some of which I have owned & I would say that the company is good but there are seem to be a few problems with the JML halogen oven so we regret to say we don’t recommended it.

You can find good alternative ovens that are around the same price as the JML on this site, just check out our “Buy Halogen Oven” page.

Customer Review Of The JML Halogen Oven

I had purchased the JML model halogen oven around one month ago but it ended up in the bin rather quickly. While the oven was cooking I noticed that there was sparks inside the lid. I took a closer look & could see that the halogen bulb terminals which were made of porcelain had disintegrated which was causing some electrical fault. I emailed JML customer service several times but I had no replay from them. I have heard of other who have had similar problems with this product & when contacting JML they were offered a full replacement.